Nanyang Lvying Argy Wormwood Biological Products Co., Ltd. is a multifunctional, composite and professional enterpr……【MORE】

The team of t…… 08-31

Abstract: August 8-10, south east Asia pharmaceutical group, medicine, Dr. Zhang, general manager of the outline, Shen Jianfeng, Jin Ling van a line of three people to green ying moxa grass for business trip. Ma Wenxiao had a cordial meeting with chairman and guests with South Korea

Product Center “Lvying Argy Wormwood” serial products include a total of more than 100 varieties, which are standard and qualified in the inspections conducted……【MORE】

Scientific and innovation
1.2006 years for ministry of science and technology "moxa leaf resources comprehensive research and development and utilization of" the first prize
2. In 2013 won the national green agricultural……【MORE】